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Take the test 7 May 2009

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Exam day! I woke up early and rode with my mom who was on her way to work. Oh, got there just in time! 8am I was at the door of the Department of Clothing Technology and Interior Design for my interview and talent test! And then I was told that it was at 9am. BOO. I didn’t have breakfast just to get there at 8 only to learn that I was an hour early. Anyway, I went down to the Tea House in search for breakfast, but they were just preparing to open and the Figaro coffee inside was closed during the Summer. BOO. I walked to CASAA and since I couldn’t decide on food, I just bought a cold drink and ate the crackers I grabbed at home, spending the time reading Umberto Eco. There wasn’t any Sun signal inside CASAA. BOO.

The time to go back to CHE arrived, and it was raining! BOO once again! It wasn’t raining that hard so I got back pretty dry. There were other people at the department already, signing on an attendance sheet. I signed beside my name and waited, waited, waited. I had small talk with the others. Apparently there was an essay to be done as well. Hmm. Bahala na. After some confusion and number-acquisition, I was finally called in for my interview.

It was pretty in-depth, actually. Some of the major questions were why I wanted to take up interior design despite my status as an architect;  what is interior design; how do I differentiate architecture from interior design; and why do I think I’m qualified for admission into the program. Some of the questions I expected, but some took me a while to answer. I think I did adequately. It wasn’t applause-worthy, and I wasn’t 100% convinced by my own discourse, but I think it was okay. It could be worse.

Afterwards my interviewer gave me a sheet of paper on which to write my essay. I had a choice of two topics: (1) Some say interior design is only for the rich, if you agree or disagree, explain your answer; and (2) can interior designers help the environment, explain and cite examples. I chose the latter because I could explain that topic better than the first. I was given an hour to write my essay, but it took me much less to finish and I was led downstairs to the talent test.

When I was talking with some of the other applicants earlier, we were thinking of what the talent test would be. Since we were trying out for interior design, we expected to be asked to make a furniture layout or something, to be judged more on the design concept rather than the drafting quality because not everybody had a background with that. But as it turned out, it wasn’t that at all. Downstairs I was given another sheet of paper where I was supposed to do a “quick sketch” of the given subject. It was a still life of a flower arrangement and two decorated plates. It was a test purely for drawing skill after all. For somebody with no practice for the longest time, I think I did pretty well. 😀 What do you think?


7 Responses to “Take the test”

  1. Sandy Says:

    hi, if i may ask, did you get accepted? 🙂

  2. Gabriela Says:

    Hi! I just want to ask if you used any coloring materials in the TDT? Thanks! Your blog really helped me because I’m so nervous about the TDT. Actually I am also planning to take up TDT for industrial design. I heard that what they do there is they’re gonna draw a statue or something and coloring materials are required except for oil. The thing is, I don’t trust my drawing abilities :/ at first I thought there will be no TDT for interior because it’s from a different college so I said to myself that if I don’t get accepted in industrial, interior will be my plan B, but then again there’s the TDT thing I’m always worried about. I’m taking up some art classes at the moment as a beginner because the previous program I took up in UST is occupational therapy (which is really unrelated). I’m not that talented in drawing but I’m not that bad I think. I can imitate stuff and make it pretty look like legit most especially when I’m in the mood BUT.. Most of the time my works look like a crap. Do you think I have any chances of getting in? I can draw some still life. And one last question how much time did they gave you in drawing that still life? Thanks very much and sorry for pouring my worries. God bless!

  3. Hi I just wanted to ask how much time they give you to do the quick sketch? Thanks.

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