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What the Huh–?! 6 May 2009

Filed under: application — Sara @ 13:57

I haven’t called yet. Besides the hangover of my Anawangin weekend, I was thinking that it would be over-eager to call first thing on a Monday. Actually, I just forgot to call. With my parents asking when I was going to call the university, I decided to wake up early on Wednesday and call first thing in the morning. I called the Admissions department first and they told me they’ve forwarded my application to the concerned college. My call was transferred to CHE records department and they told me –what?!—I had to go there the NEXT DAY for an interview and talent test. GRAH. Good thing I called! For good measure, I called the CTID department and verified the date and time (May 7, 8am-5pm) and what I should bring (pencil and ballpen). Whew, now that that’s over with, I have a new problem: How am I going to prepare?!? Half a day isn’t enough to think of what to prepare much less practice drawing/drafting/designing. This is what I was supposed to be doing during the many idle weeks I’ve spent…idling around. Yes, I’ve wasted a lot of time, I know, I know.

I ended up saying bahala na and whatever. Tomorrow, here I come!


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