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time to ray out the X’s 28 May 2009

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YES I woke up decently early and got to the Infirmary on time. I slept over at Beth’s place after our dinner out at Trinoma because it was late and my house is so far away and Commonwealth is the playground of speed demons. Anyway, so after a slow wake-up and unintentionally heavy breakfast (I scooped too many rice on my plate and realized it too late), Beth walked me to Kalayaan to ride the jeep to Philcoa then change rides to a UP Campus one. I got to the Infirmary at 8 am, but I forgot to fill out the X-ray request form so I partially filled it out while the Campus jeep was still stationary, and finished it up when I got off.

I was given the number 7, which was cool because I get to finish early, although it was quite a long wait (more than an hour) for a chest x-ray that took 5 seconds. Thankfully this young mother and her 2-year-and-3-month boy waiting beside me were entertaining.

I need to wait two working days until I get my results, and only then can I take the Physical Exam. Geez. I was hoping I didn’t have to go through all this medical stuff anymore. But that’s life, I guess. Besides, even if they did keep my record all these years it’d be totally outdated by now.


medical…WHUT? 27 May 2009

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I finally got to go to CHE again, since it was closed last Monday, and Tuesday so hot I could burst into flames if it weren’t for the sweat I was perpetually producing. My dad dropped me off at the entrance and I wen up the “UP ONLY” stairs to the Records section. After asking, waiting, asking again, I found out that I actually shouldn’t be there and I was supposed to return there on June 2nd after I’ve filled out my info sheets (2 copies from Window 2), activated my CRS account, and gotten my Medical exam.

waitaminit…Medical? GAH. Do I really have to do that again? (more…)


OUR win, CHE fail 25 May 2009

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After Friday’s events, I got ready to go back with complete requirements this time. Two filled-out student directory forms, check. Two ID photos, check. Original TOR, check. Other possibly useful items and receipts, check. So once again in the sizzling heat I went off on a mission to finish all the stuff needed to be done before registration on the first week of June.

OUR was pretty easy. Take a number, wait to be called. It was great that it wasn’t hot inside the open-air waiting area. My number was called and I gave the requirements. The lady stapled them together and passed them to the appropriate person, then told me to wait to be called again. After a few minutes I got called again and I finally got my NOA, which was just a half sheet of paper addressed to the dean of CHE indicating that I was eligible to enroll for BSID, and a list of the requirements I passed earlier. I was asked to check if the information is correct, then if it is I could go and give this letter to my respective college.

Yay! I walked rather casually to CHE (approximately 1km, I just realized) only to see the front doors are locked. I talked to the guard and he informed me that the college had a four-day workweek over the summer. Instead of just 8 hours a day for 5 days, they clocked in 10 hours a day (7am-6pm) for 4 days. No wonder nobody was answering the phone one Monday. Oh well, nothing I could do now, so I went home. At least I accomoplished something for today.


No NOA at Reg either 22 May 2009

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Since I was going out that afternoon anyway, I decided to leave earlier and pass by UP to pay my 50-peso processing fee (to process what, I forgot) and give my “Action of the College” slip which is supposed to let me claim my NOA finally.
So in the brain-melting heat I troop over to the OUR to do just that. Pay processing fee at cashier=done in less than 5 minutes. I walked over next door (or window?) to the Admissions section and asked about my notice of admission, showing the guy my paper thing. He gave me two Student Information Forms to fill out and I’m supposed to submit this with two ID pictures and my Birth Certificate. But wait—he thought to ask if I was from UP previously and I said yes, so he changed the birth certificate requirement to a copy of my TOR. Original, not photocopied. Argh. Of all the days I decided to bring just a photocopy of my transcript it just had to be today. Thankfully I’m not being rushed so I can just go back next week to submit the filled-out forms with the pics and TOR.
After that thing, I went off (still in the hot, hot heat) to Trinoma and file a lost item form for my poor camera, and finally to Mall of Asia to meet up with my boyfriend (of two years today!) and our friends to attend the MTV EXIT event.


No NOA…. yet. 21 May 2009

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Whut– I was told last tuesday (19th) that I was supposed to go to the CHE Records section today (21st) to get my Notice of Admission. I got a copy of the BSID curriculum with my credited units marked, a slip requiring me to pay some fee, and an “Action of the college” slip to be given to the OUR admissions. Ha. So… where’s my Notice of Admission?

Apparently, upon explanation, I was supposed to pay the 50-peso processing fee and present the “Action of the college” slip at the registrar to get my NOA. After that I should get my medical exam (Gah. I have to go through that again??) and finally go back to CHE Records on June 3 for enlistment. Uh huh. But before that I had other places to go to. So I’ll have to go back to UP tomorrow. Oh, and I’ve been informed that because of the RGEP I’m going to have to get another 3-unit GE class.

On an interesting note, while waiting in line at the Records window, I had a chat with the nice Korean girl beside me. She was going to take up Clothing Tech, so that means we’ll be seeing each other soon because we’ll be under the same department (i.e. CTID). Because she isn’t a Filipino national, she pays a higher rate per unit, which, according to her, would sum up to about the same tuition as her previous school, La Salle. Also, I found it interesting that it was her La Salle professor was the one who recommended enrolling in a government school in order for her to have “a deeper understanding of the Filipino culture.” True, UP would be a much more eye-opening experience. I just told her to be prepared to be independent. And that there aren’t as much air-conditioned classrooms here. LOL.


estudyante redux 20 May 2009

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It’s official. I’m gonna be a student again.

After resignation, a frustrating scramble for information, application, an interview and talent test, and a loooooooooong wait, I’ve finally received confirmation that I can claim my Notice of Admission.

whew! Start of another chapter in my life (albeit a rerun)


The answer 19 May 2009

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I called this morning. YES I’m admitted! Yay Yay Yay Happy! Although my mom said “dapat lang, no!” which means she expected nothing less. Hmm… I wonder what would happen if I didn’t get admitted.

I was told to call the records section to ask what I was supposed to do next. They told me to get my Notice of Admission on the 21st.

Aaaand? We’ll see. ;Þ