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The great scramble for information: Interior Design proves to be an elusive prey 20 March 2009

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And so the story could be told… Not that I was being secretive about it, but here are the sequence of events leading to (almost) applying for my second degree: Interior Design.

16 Mar 2009- went to the College of Home Economics (CHE) with Tatay in the afternoon to inquire about Interior Design (ID). I learned through a phone call from my Tita Tessie that the head of the Department of Clothing Technology and Interior Design (CTID)–Dean Florendo– was her friend. I Didn’t get to speak to her (i.e. she wasn’t there), but I got info on applying for Masters of ID at the Student records section.

17 Mar 2009 – I went to UST with Tita Tessie and Tita June for (1) the thing for the UST Chapel that Tita Tessie was asking me to draw up as a proposal for their setup on Holy Thursday, and (2) supposed meeting with Dean Florendo. Fail on #2. It was raining that day so she didn’t bother to go to ust. Nyorks. Anyway I went on to tour the “bowels” of the chapel and visited the nearby Dangwa flower market and get the information I needed for the perspective I was supposed to do.

18 Mar 2009 – I had Tatay get phone numbers for CTID dept office to inquire about BS ID instead of Masters as per recommendation of Dean Florendo (relayed by Tita Tessie who contacted her). I called after finishing my perspective. I (frustratingly) got passed around by CTID and the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) admissions department until finally I mentioned my name to the person who answered the CTID line. Guess who? It was the Ma’am Florendo! *facepalm* She told me to go to the CHE college secretary and ask her because apparently the sec was the one handling the 2nd degree/shiftee/transferee cases.

19 Mar 2009 – I took a break and went to Makati to meet with Amy and Mhy (and Eric… and Prox… LOL) then slept over at my cousin’s.

20 Mar 2009 – I left Makati early and went straight to UP CHE to visit the College sec. The note on her office door said she wasn’t in, so I consulted the College sec bulletin board and learned the requirements that I had to prepare. It said I needed an application form, so I walked over to the Student records undergrad window to ask for one but got passed to the Grad window due to a misunderstanding (the guy thought I was applying for masters…doh) then I went back to the undergrad window and he told me that the app forms were given out at the OUR admissions. Bleh. So I walked in the hot hot heat to OUR and very easily got an application form and a quick, concise explanation on what I needed to submit. 2 photos and a copy of my transcript. OKAY. Oh, and they’ll start accepting applications on April 1.

Got it.


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