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The great scramble for information: Interior Design proves to be an elusive prey 20 March 2009

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And so the story could be told… Not that I was being secretive about it, but here are the sequence of events leading to (almost) applying for my second degree: Interior Design.

16 Mar 2009- went to the College of Home Economics (CHE) with Tatay in the afternoon to inquire about Interior Design (ID). I learned through a phone call from my Tita Tessie that the head of the Department of Clothing Technology and Interior Design (CTID)–Dean Florendo– was her friend. I Didn’t get to speak to her (i.e. she wasn’t there), but I got info on applying for Masters of ID at the Student records section. (more…)


This is it 13 March 2009

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This is it. It’s my last day at work. Nothing special, though. I didn’t exactly announce to the whole company that I’m leaving. Other people didn’t even have a clue. I only told a select few besides my boss and the HR manager. Some people heard of the news, and I didn’t deny it if they asked.

So this is it. It’s the first big step towards back-to-student-life (actually, second. Since the real first step was passing my resignation letter…or maybe first deciding that I was going to go back to school… LOL whatever). After weeks of searching through Singapore and Hong Kong schools and getting lost in their admission requirements; deciding on taking up interior design instead of industrial design; learning that PSID, though dreamy, is too expensive for me; and finally deciding on UPD CTID, I’m on my way and it begins now.